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Truck Loads

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Copper, ManganeseBotswana, South FricaBotswana, South Africa
Granite and general cargo Diesel will be supplied.sasa
Tautliner superlink R.S.AZimbabwe,Zambia
Guaranteed Enterprise Funding and Truck Financing Opportunity.Only for operators in South AfricaSouth Africa
am seeking truck loads. i have a flate deck avaialble for cash load from JHB to any where and we also do cross border to swaziland,zimbabwe,zambia,malawi amd mozambiquesouth africasouth africa
side tipper loads availablesasa
super link flat beds needed to load durban to zambia and return. Going R 54000 and return R 51000 and all payments are made 50% on loading South AfricaSouth Africa
Granite and General cargo , Diesel suppliedsasa
10 Taut liners needed for citrus RSARSA
Granite and General Cargo , looking for 10 super links and 10 tri axle trucks , Ongoing loads , Diesel inclusive.South AfricaSouth Africa
I'm seeking for loads from Musina to Jhb, and from Jhb to Durban. loads from Durban to zim,, Zambia and Botswana are welcomed. price is reasonable and negotiable, take this opportunity for your benefit. I have Tautliner waiting for you to call.0792645051SAZim , Zambia ,Moza and Botswana
Cash Loads Available from Kuruman and Durban with backloads, Induction fee of R1000 MUST be paid upfront to book and secure truck on contract. Send in GIT and Spreadsheet.SASA
Trucks with links and tri-axles available for loading asapAywhere in SABotswana, Namibia
local Jhb to Dbn loads daily cash loads for trixles and super link flat beds. please insure all tarps and nets are on the trucks to secure loads properly.South AfricaSouth Africa
Private finance for start up transport companies , No banks all done private and is guaranteed along with a 5 year contract.South AfricaSouth Africa
Trixles needed to load asap. From durban to zambia at R 48000 and return at R 45000 can load immediatly. payment is 50 % on loading and balance on PODSouth AfricaSouth Africa
Load required from JHB to N Cape / BloemfonteinSASA
Got a Superlink Tautliner for hire/rent in Johannesburgsouth africasouth africa
hi I'm urgently seeking for loads from Louistrichart to Jhb and return. only for cash loads are welcomed; and please drpoed me an email at phiriphiri.malela@gmail.com or you can simply phone at 0792645051. if you also have a contract which seeks Tautliner, you are 100% welcome, loads to Zim.RSAZIM
Load from pietermaritsburg to britssouth africasouth africa
Load from PTA to KingWilliams TownSouth AfricaSouth Africa
General loads available for links,flatdecks,dropsides,and tri axles all over South Africa. Weekly paid loads. Fortnightly paid loads and 30 days after statement. Diesel supplied. SOME OF THE LOADS,CAN BE PAID EARLIER ,ONGOING AGREEMENTS LOADSSASA
20 side tippers needed this week for ligit work in jhb. diesel is account and payment is made weekly. Rate is R 105 a ton for 168km round trip cpk 21.South AfricaSouth Africa
5 super links Can load in durban ASAP. We have trixles loading there at the moment and need links to load as well. loading from durban to lusaka zambia at R 57000 a load and we load back from lusaka zambia to durban at R 52000 a load . South AfricaSouth Africa

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